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Enjoy your chat time with your buddies, natively.

MiGroup is a lightweight OS X GroupMe client that supports basic features such as sending/receiving messages, group profile and member avatars, and offline viewing. In addition, MiGroup takes advantage of OS X 10.9's new "quick reply" notification feature to provide native message notifications and allow you to reply without ever leaving your working window.

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Notable Technologies

Thanks to Cocoa's powerful frameworks, and several great 3rd-party tools, MiGroup's development was delightful. The following technologies are used in this project:

  • Cocoa Bindings (and KVO)
  • Core Data (with Magical Record)
  • AFNetworking
  • FayeObjC Socket Client In addition, CocoaPods greatly simplified dependency management. A personal Thank You goes to the developers behind these amazing frameworks/tools!

Authors and Contributors

@donaldchen - Developer of MiGroup @dovizu - Developer of MiGroup

Support or Contact

If you have any suggestions, bugs to report, or things to say in general, please email d.chen72 AT gmail.com or donnywith AT gmail.com.